Why you should watch this Criminally Underrated Film: featuring Redline

Ever heard of Redline……….nope, didn’t think so.

This week, I’m here to discuss why you should watch Redline. Hopefully after you’re done reading this, you’ll be just as invested in this movie as I am. To avoid spoilers for the movie, I will only be talking about the first twelve minutes of it. They serve not only as the opening to the film, but the world that it builds up. Check out the intro to the movie here.

Pretty exhilarating, huh? Let me break down why you should watch the full movie

The Animation

I don’t even know where to begin, because this is something to behold. The animators behind Redline found the perfect way to capture the essence of SPEED; everything flows smoothly, and the cars are in constant motion. The constant shaking of the racers and their machines means you can really feel the speed of everything through the screen.

There’s just so much energy present that it excites me to my core. Nothing is left out, with every detail emphasized and every cutaway feeling important. Every move the racers make translates to something physical that you can see. The level of detail boosts this animated feature into the realms of reality and makes this cartoony world feel real.

All of this combines with the fact that it’s all hand-drawn to really increase the wow factor that Redline presents. Within twelve minutes it’s introduced you to its world, fast pace, and weirdness that make it so unique. It wastes no time in explaining the world that it has created and helping the viewer accept everything as normal. Everything that happens feels self-contained and ordinary in this wacky movie about racing, and it’s something that I love more than anything else.

The Sounds

The sound design also works wonderfully with the high-octane action that is present. The song in the background (featured above) has the right amount of oomph to it and feels right at home with the race. Like ogres, the song has layers. Different parts of it are dedicated to when certain racers are doing better. For example, when JP takes the lead, guitars are introduced into the track. Whenever Sonoshee McLaren is the focus of the scene, more pop elements are introduced into the song. Now that I’ve told you about this, go back and watch the scene again with that in mind. It helps to enhance your appreciation of the music in the movie. But sound design is more than just music. Redline also knows when to have quiet moments for the audience to fully absorb what’s going on. In the beginning of the scene above, there’s no music in the background until the racers come roaring into the picture. It’s decisions like this that can really sell a product to its audience.

The Feel

This movie just feels right. It feels natural, and everything makes sense once you take a step back and notice all the nuance that went into creating it. This movie is a passion project that so much time, effort, and love went into, and that really comes through when you’re watching it.

Go watch this movie

I’ve written everything I needed to say for this film, and now that you’ve read it all I say you should go out and rent or purchase it. Hopefully you can even get someone you know interested in the film. You can find it here to rent or purchase. The movie is under $10 so you won’t be breaking the bank. If you ask me, you should really race to the finish to see Redline. But then again, I’m just a guy with opinions so I could be totally wrong with my assessment. Weigh the options and make your own judgement.

Here’s hoping Redline races its way into your heart.

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